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Lou Draper O'Reilly

Managing Partner


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Who are you and what do you do?

We are a public relations firm for professionals under pressure. We don’t suck up. We swear and are as unapologetically authentic as it gets.We are ethical and tell the truth. We’re not just a crisis firm. But rather a small group of PR professionals who love to be faced with the impossible.We’re passionate, partisan and principled, and we’re ready to step up and join your side.

How do you help startups?

Our customers take it personally. They need us to take sides, and want us to unconditionally have their back. We are the therapy you never knew you needed. The tactics - doing the things - that's the easy part. We help you figure it all out and get some sleep at night.

Which New Zealand startups have you worked with?

None that are still in startup mode.. make of that what you will.

What is the best way for founders to engage with you?

It all starts with a coffee and a chat, and vibes.

Founder Testimonial

"What I love about working with DCG is not only do they all do fantastic work, they talk straight and get it done"Glen Kyne, Senior Vice President, Head of Networks, Warner Bros. Discovery NZ and Australia.