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Rebecca Brook

Founder & Growth Partner


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Who are you?

With 20 years experience in global strategy and taking products to market for both corporates and small businesses, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience to enable NZ businesses to create greater positive impact in the lives & wellbeing of consumers around the world.  I have led the strategy, innovation and go-to-market plans of many brands around the world for companies including Fonterra, Premier Foods and Nestle.Over the last six years I have worked with startups and scaling businesses to improve their growth trajectory. I led the Fonterra Ventures team to source high performing health and wellness start-ups from around the world, and more recently I have worked as a business strategy consultant for NZ companies seeking growth domestically and abroad. Through Rise I am excited to enable you to develop and maintain your pathways to growth, arming you with focus and confidence to grow into the future.

How do you help founders?

There are a number of ways we can work together.  'Business Booster' sessions are perfect if you're wanting to test the waters with coaching & advisory support.  We focus on one specific issue and spend one month focusing on how to overcome it and unlock the growth opportunity.The 'Business Planning & Roadmap development' package is ideal for founders wanting to develop a structured plan to guide them through the next phase of growth. The 'Monthly Advisor' service puts Rebecca on your virtual team to review your strategy, gaps & opportunities, and set focus for the month ahead, keeping you on track and accountable.

What's the best way for founders to engage with you?

If you're keen to explore how working with Rise Growth Lab could enable you to achieve your ambitions, please book a call via the website, or feel free to email me at:  We can have a chat to better understand what stage of the journey you're at and ensure there is a fit with your needs.  Take that first step now to focus 'on' your business.

Which NZ startups have you worked with?

I specialise in working with startups creating positive impact in the health & wellbeing of consumers. Some of these companies include Mito Q and Fuel my Potential.

Founder Testimonial

Rebecca was such a pleasure to work with and have guide Fuel My Potential Ltd. She willingly shared her knowledge while asking us the deeper questions that we needed to answer to explore our strategy and marketing intent more thoroughly.  Her tools were clear, well informed and encouraged the space to examine and design our marketing strategy. Her enthusiasm for and understanding of the food, health and wellness industry was really appreciated by us. A terrific asset to have standing alongside you on your growth journey.”Dr Kirsty Fairbairn, CEO, Fuel My Potential